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Quality Product

We hand pick over 90% of our coral. We don’t settle for whichever coral a wholesaler may send. We diligently select only the healthiest specimens to provide only the best for our customers. We do not offer fresh-cut frags; all coral sold is healed and at the peak of its health. All of our fish are prophylactically treated, quarantined for at least 8 weeks, and eating prepared foods.

Speedy Delivery

We ship via FedEx next-day priority shipping. We have had the most consistent results with FedEx. This means your order reliably arrives at or before 10:30am the day after shipping. This minimizes travel time, any additional stress to livestock, and gets the livestock into your caring hands as soon as possible.

Amazing Customer Service

We are recognizied nationally for our willingness to go above and beyond for our customers. We respond to costumer inquiries within 24 hours. We develop long-lasting relationships with our customers to be able to better service their needs in the immediate and future.

Most Reputable Dealer

We have experienced so much success because we have had the privilege of earning hundreds of customer’s long-lasting trust. We always put the customer and their aquariums first. We have developed a loyal following because of our high-integrity, honest feedback, fair pricing, diligent practices, and perhaps most noteably, our passion for the hobby. We have the happiest customers in the hobby. view our testimonials area for feedback folks shared about their ERC experience.

Thank you for visiting!

Our goal is to over-deliver and exceed your expectations in all ways possible. If you ever have an issue please contact us and we will make it right, guaranteed!!

We are here to serve you, the customer, and bring you the best corals from around the world. Each week, we hand pick our corals directly from our wholesaler, ensuring we get some of the hottest pieces available!

Not only do we post our latest and greatest corals available, you can also sign up for our newsletter to receive updates on new shipments! We also sponsor sites such as Reef2Reef, Manhattan Reefs, and quite a few local clubs as well!

We also do quite a few frags swaps and shows, for a complete listing please see our Trade shows & Frag swaps!

All corals are photographed under T5s. Some corals may appear different depending upon lighting and if you have any questions on how a piece may differ under your light please contact us!